Which Type of Fence Do You Need?

The Great Wall of China has been around for more than 300 years, and NYC’s oldest fence was built in 1771 and is still standing strong today. While your house fence is not expected to last in ages, it needs to at least withstand wear and tear for a minimum of 15 years. But take note that there are certain factors that affect a material’s longevity including the region’s climate, installation and maintenance, and type of materials.  




If you have searched “fence companies near me” and are planning on calling your prospective contractor, read this article first as we will help you determine what type of fence that would suit your liking. Deciding what type of fence to construct helps you cut time. Besides traditional concrete and wood, here are the choices you also have: 


  1. Bamboo

Bamboo fencing is another eco-friendly alternative idea for regions with a warmer climate. For a more beautiful design, you can use rolled bamboo and bamboo cane to hold the poles. It is also important to take note that bamboo is sustainable and is easy to grow. It is also stylish and provides privacy to your property.  


  1. Aluminum

Aluminum fencing is simple yet appealing and elegant as it has that wrought iron appearance that can add pretty lines to your garden and landscaping. In terms of installation and maintenance, it is something you should not worry about as it is not complex to install and does not require regular and strenuous maintenance. Take note, however, that the aluminum fence may not provide that strong security you might prefer.  


  1. Vinyl

This fence is sturdy and gives that clean, picket appearance. It is durable and can last for several years, and does not require much effort when it comes to maintenance as stains are easy to remove with just soap and water. Moreover, it provides strong security. The only downside is it can be quite expensive to install.  


  1. Farm fence

If you prefer a fresh-looking fence with nice horizontal pine in the middle of posts that is enough to keep the horses and cows on your property, then a farm fence might be preferable for you. Although it does not require much to install, it needs regular upkeep as this fence is made of wood.  


  1. Eco-stone fence

This fence is eco-friendly and sturdy, not to mention the style and finishes are gorgeous, and the fence looks like a stone wall. There are a variety of colors you can choose from such as black, brown, and beige. We recommend that you talk with your landscaper to advise you which color and style would fit the overall appearance of your home. This fence significantly reduces carbon footprint and at the same time provides full security and privacy.  


Other types of fences you can install:  


When it comes to choosing the best fence, take note that your climate plays a major role as well as the kind of security and privacy you prefer. More importantly, contact your trusted fencer.