There is nothing refreshing than looking at the greens, smelling the cool breeze, and being forever greeted with the variety of colors from the shrubs and flowers — all in the comfort of our yard. Certainly, good landscaping can do wonders.  



Minimizing the yard’s problem and maximizing its attributes create a view that does not need to be strenuous, difficult, or expensive. And of course, all those with the benefits it provides such as healthier body, peaceful mind, and a more valuable home.  


Good landscaping does not need to be extremely difficult. This is why we are here! We will help you achieve your yard’s perfect makeover with these landscaping ideas for the front of the house. 


Tip 1. Consider your home  


Many people consider a lot of factors such as the shape, size, and slope of the yard, but miss a critical piece that greatly affects the overall landscape: the house. The architecture and design of the house need to be considered when doing gardens around it. Remember, the house is the centerpiece and the landscaping should enhance the centerpiece; so do not overdo it. For instance, a farmhouse may do well with a cottage-style landscape, and a modern house suits a minimalist garden style. 


Tip 2. Mind the proportions  


Complement not just the design but also the size of the house. In this way, you create a balance in terms of proportions. For instance, you have a big house with a flat front, midsize shrubs are a better option to line the path rather than little flowers.  


Tip 3. Utilize hardscaping 


Hardscaping elements definitely create more structures for your landscaping and help improve the curb appeal. For instance, putting a sidewalk creates an opportunity where you can put a larger flower bed. Putting on a bench can provide a space for perennials and shrubs.  


Tip 4. Mind the colors 


Colors should be balanced, and not chaotic. There is prettiness in the combination of monotony and variety when it comes to playing with colors. For instance, a blue house can be best paired with purple, white, pink, yellow, etc., and a red house will be best paired with colors in its shade like red, orange, and bright yellow.  


Tip 5. Big plantings could be cool 


Whenever appropriate, include big plantings in your landscaping. Big plantings attract more eyes easily and also provide an anchor to your overall landscape design. Just do not overdo big plantings as you might block important hardscape elements or the front door and windows.  


Tip 6. Consider the seasons 


Your landscape should survive different seasons. A landscape that withers and goes dormant in cold seasons will look unappealing. Consider choosing trees, shrubs, and flowers that can last long in different seasons.  


Tip 7. Have a garden 


Make it low maintenance. Choosing expensive plants and shrubs would not be ideal as you would be surprised with the amount of leave and petals they lose. Also, choose plants that are easily maintained and do not require a special climate.  


Making a good landscape is never difficult. You just need to do it properly with proper advice.